Why You Should Be Writing: 3 Links

Why You Should Be WritingContinuing with this month’s theme, “Getting Back to Writing,” I found some links to motivate you–as well as me. I don’t know about you, but I can use all the motivation I can get!

Dawn Field brings us another encouraging article, “It’s Time to Get That Book Out of You,” in which she compares writing to the ever-popular DIY projects so prevalent on the Web. It’s all in the doing, the practicing, putting in the time. She encourages writers to “dig in and get that first book out of you.” And if her basic argument isn’t convincing enough, she offers five good reasons to write. She says, “By writing that first book, you do yourself a huge favor.” She’s absolutely right.

For a totally different take, blogger Leo Babauta from Zen Habits gives his reasons why writers should take up the discipline of daily writing in his post, “Why You Should Write Daily.” He relates his own story when he started his blog: “For many years I was a writer who didn’t write that regularly,” he says. Then he started his blog in January 2007 and has written “pretty much every day since then.” He describes the experience as “life-changing.” He goes on to list some of those life-changing benefits he has discovered, from reflecting on life to clarifying your thinking to convincing others of your point of view. He explains “How to Write Daily” with five suggestions from his own experience. I like his simple approach.

And, finally, for an inspirational pep talk, check out Warren Adler’s short post (or video) “When in doubt, write on.” I’ll let Mr. Adler’s words speak for themselves, but if you need a shot in the arm to keep you going, be sure to watch the video.

What motivates you to write? Tell us about it in the comments.

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