When is the Best Time to Self-publish Your Book?

When is the Best Time to Self-publish Your Book?When is the best time to self-publish for new authors? Not the holidays, according to Steven Spatz, President of BookBaby.

While the Christmas season is gold for established authors–think safe gift idea–for unknowns it’s difficult to stand out during this hectic period because shoppers don’t have time to browse and discover new writers.

Spatz suggests that a January or February launch date might be just the ticket for newbie authors. Book lovers with their gift cards from December are ready to curl up with a good book (or eReader) in the cold winter months. So why not yours?

Actually many authors find advantages to publishing in the first half of the year, Spatz says, as they gear up for another major book-buying time–the summer reading season. Spatz points to industry claims that the Christmas season is not the biggest selling time. At 3.4 billion in sales, summer beats out the holiday rush, which comes in at 2.9 mil.

So when is the best time to publish? Spatz encourages new writers to not think so much about the “when” that they delay releasing their books. He offers the old adage that self-publishing is not a sprint–it’s a marathon–so don’t worry “about the placement of the starting line.”

Read the rest of his informative article, including the general calendar for genre release dates and “10 ways to make the most of your eCommerce book page.” Plus snag a free download copy of their latest guide 5 Steps to Self Publishing.

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