Update: My New Year Reset

One month has passed since I wrote about my rough start to 2017 and how I had decided  to reset my “new year” on February 1. I had promised to update you on how that is going and what I’m learning in the process. So here goes.

What’s working:

Mondays shopping and going for coffee at The Roasted Bean with Mom has been a wonderful time to help us heal. It’s a keeper.

Putting off some of my goals until later in the year has kept me from being overwhelmed and given me time to continue processing my grief. Lowering my expectations (which are normally on the high side) is teaching me to extend grace to myself. 

What’s not working:

Ignoring the promise to ease back into my schedule. I had written in that previous post that filling my days with busyness wasn’t healthy, and there I was doing it again. (Sigh.) I was soon to start an editing project for a new client with two weeks to spare, and so I decided that I’d shoehorn revising my mostly polished novel. Bad idea. Rushing something that had taken me many years to write was an exercise in futility. I couldn’t properly gauge it, and after a couple of days, I knew the timing was all wrong. So I’m waiting. Patiently. Sort of.

I’ve found myself crossing things off my list more often, and not because they are completed. But I’m becoming better at prioritizing. Lately I’ve tried to tackle something Michael Hyatt calls the “big three”–listing three things on your daily schedule that, if you’ve accomplished those, you feel good about your day.

That’s my current focus, and it’s working better. I’ll keep you posted with goals and progress at the halfway mark, so stay tuned.

How are your goals going? Leave me a comment.

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