The Write Helper’s Top 10 Posts of 2017

bg-TWH-Top 10 PostsWe’re wrapping up 2017 at The Write Helper, and with the year nearly over I thought our readers might find it interesting to see which posts resonated with visitors to this website. So without further ado, here are the top ten posts in descending order, along with commentary from me.

10. Inventory 2016: Evaluating the Year

Interesting that this post comes in at number ten, considering we’re about ready to do another one in three weeks. It’s always good to take a look back before moving forward.

9. Why Grammar Matters

This one surprised me. While grammar is important to me, I find that feeling lacking with too many writers these days. So perhaps you could say I’m happily surprised this post received the attention it did!

8. Inside Info: Three Self-published Authors, Three Questions

With more and more authors seeking to publish their own work rather than go the traditional route, I knew this post would be a good idea. Watch for more posts on the topic of self-publishing in 2018.

7. 5 Ways to Reclaim Your Writing Time

So many of us writers struggle to find time to write, so this subject is relatable.

6. My New Year Reset

This is the second post in a short series that resonated with writers and non-writers alike. I plan to not only run it here again next year, but also on my other website A Rural Girl Writes.

5. Unleash Your Introvert Superpowers

It does my heart good to see how high this post ranked! As an introvert I wanted to encourage other introverts, letting them know their tremendous gifts. Mission accomplished! We’ll definitely revisit the topic next year.

4. Four Ways to Get Free Editing

I knew this post would do well. Although it might seem odd that I’d write a post that might lose me work, I feel strongly that my role is to live up to our name–The Write Helper. Helping writers is our number one priority whether or not we get paid in the process, and we will continue our mission in 2018!

3. Why Every Writer Needs an Editor

My point in penning this post was to explain why every writer needsĀ  an editor–whether through my suggestions for free editing or the services offered here. Spending money on a great cover design and formatting is wise. Neglecting to have your work edited–the very work you have invested so much sweat equity in–is unwise. The story is the thing. When you see a self-published book with the notation that it was previously published under a different title, that’s a lesson learned the hard way. The writer skimped on the editing, resulting in bad reviews, which finally prompted him or her to get the editing the book needed in the first place! Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now!

2. Edit Thyself: Three Simple Tips

No, I’m not arguing against the point I made above, but it is good practice to learn the skill of editing not only for your own work but also for joining a critique group so you can help others.

1. When Your New Year Didn’t Go as Planned tied with Cool Gifts for Writers 2017

When Your New Year Didn’t Go as Planned was a post I wrote a month after my dad passed away the beginning of January. Basically it describes how I handled my goals and plans in the face of tragedy. Again, this post resonated with more than just writers. I will be reposting it here as well as my other website.

On the lighter side, Cool Gifts for Writers 2017 is fun to write as I consult my writing friends for my annual list of favorite gifts for writers. It made the rounds on Pinterest, and I suspect it will continue to do well for me. By the way, if you’re looking for a last minute gift for another writer or even a reward for working hard on your novel or other writing this year, definitely check out this post! You might want to keep it handy year around for some creative gift suggestions.

Plans for Next Year

We’ll revisit some of the same topics mentioned here, such as self-publishing and editing tips, but if you’d like to see me tackle a subject, drop me a line at amy@thewritehelper. I’m here to help!

Did you find these posts helpful? Do you have any suggestions for other topics next year? Leave me a comment.





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