The Useful Art of Daydreaming

amy-blog-images-daydream-1498013-1599x1905A writer friend and I went out to lunch one day, and the topic of daydreaming came up in the conversation. She told me how, growing up, her mother often scolded her for daydreaming because, from her mother’s perspective, she was wasting time. Not doing anything productive. I had to admit that, as a child, I frittered away many an hour lost in my own thoughts.

Still do.

Being writers, we have every reason in the world to daydream. For one thing, it’s important work.

What, you ask? Daydreaming?

Yes, I said it’s important work for a writer to daydream. Where else do our ideas come from? Thoughts allowed to drift in every which direction help us write stories, poems, essays, articles.

So, writer, next time someone in your life startles you from your reverie, kindly tell them not to disturb you. You’re working. Chances are your loved one will chalk it up to another one of those crazy writer things and promptly leave you alone!

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