The 12 Posts of Christmas, Day 11: Just Say “Merry Christmas”

In a letter dated December 22, 1534, John Fisher wrote Thomas Cromwell, “And this our Lord God send you a mery Christmas and a comfortable, to your heart’s desire.” This is the first account of the greeting, and it’s been in use ever since.

When I was growing up, everyone said, “Merry Christmas,” and there was no stigma attached to the words. If I’m being honest, the phrase “Happy Holidays” is a boring, vague, and overused salutation this time of year. It’s used because people don’t want to offend anyone, but, frankly, the phrase offends those who long to hear those two special words–“Merry Christmas.”

Might I propose an idea? Let’s be specific. “Merry Christmas” tells you what holiday (which, by the way comes from “holy day”) we’re celebrating. And, by all means, let’s wish our Jewish friends a “Happy Hanukkah,” too.

Merry Christmas!


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