The 12 Posts of Christmas, Day 10: Cutest. Thing. Ever.

I walked into my hubby’s office this past week and found this adorable candy sleigh on his desk.¬†Our pastor’s grandkids had put these together and handed them out to staff.

What does this have to do with being a writer and Christmas? Absolutely nothing! But it’s so cute that I needed to show it off. It looks easy to assemble and mass produce. The runners are candy canes, the base of the sleigh a Kit-Kat, and the presents are assorted miniature Hershey bars. These are held together with a light touch from a glue gun, tied with a bright red and white striped string, and topped off with a simple bow.

Credit goes to Emily Moore, my daughter, for taking this picture for me today and including it in her picture of the day challenge for this year. You can view her photography here.

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