Self-help for Self-publishing: 4 Links

Self-help for self-publishing.I’m designating July as self-publishing month here on the blog. To kick things off, I’ve included links to a few helpful articles on the subject.

Before handing your book over to the printers, it’s important to have another set of eyes on the manuscript–meaning a professional edit. This post discusses one man’s experience when he cut corners on the edit of his book: If You Don’t Pay for Editing, It’s Going to Cost You. (By the way, my rates are even better.)

Looking for insights into the publishing industry before you take the plunge? The 2017 Self-Publishing Survey results are in. You can download it for free here. Inside this report you’ll find a “wide range of tactics used by authors across all popular genres” and discover what other indie authors are doing to reach their goals.

Are you trying to decide between ebooks and print? In this article, eBooks and Printed Books: Why Not Both?, Steven Spatz makes the case for doing both. Even if you’ve already settled the matter, it’s worth the read just for the stats on printed books and why they are still so popular. (Spoiler: printed books aren’t going away any time soon. . . Thankfully!)

And, finally, for a basic overview on what self-publishing is and isn’t, check out Demystifying Self-Publishing: Busting the Myths. This post includes terms to know from the marketing end of things. If you’ve ever wondered about distribution and figuring costs, you can find some information here.

And there you have it–a few good articles to get you started. Check back for more as we explore the topic all month long on the blog.

Do you have any comments or questions you’d like us to tackle on the subject? Leave us a comment.

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