Inventory 2016: Evaluating the Year

I tend to be the reflective sort, and this time of year has me knee-deep in introspection. If you find yourself in a similar mood, writer friend, the following is a list of questions to help you on your way.

1. What worked?

2. What didn’t work?

3. What surprised you? (Whether good or bad.)

4. What disappointed you?

5. What were you most proud of?

6. What gave you the most joy?

7. What drained you?

8. What wasted your time?

9. Who did you enjoy spending time (or connecting) with?

10. What gave you the most peace?

As you work through these questions, you might find overlap, and that’s okay. Those areas might need more thought time. But it’s important to close out the year, give it the consideration it’s due, and then bid 2016 farewell.

Enter the clean slate–2017!


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