Evaluating 2017

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The end of December has me working on goals. But first 2017 must be dealt with. The process isn’t complicated. Here are ten simple questions I have used in the past to help me put the previous year in perspective. I’ve answered these questions regarding my personal life, so for our purposes here, my thoughts will reflect my writing life.

1. What worked?

Starting another blog. Doing monthly themes for blog posts.

2. What didn’t work?

Trying to accomplish too much, which goes against the way I’m wired.

3. What surprised you? (Whether good or bad.)

For the first time in decades, I’m enjoying writing again.

4. What disappointed you?

That my new blog business didn’t grow to my expectation level and do better financially.

5. What were you most proud of?

Starting a new writing project that I’m actually enjoying a lot.

6. What gave you the most joy?

Writing and putting together posts for this website as well as my new one. Creating. For the longest time writing felt like pulling teeth. Now I’m back to enjoying it again.

7. What drained you?

Not using my time more wisely so that I had to hurry to get some projects finished. To a lesser degree, simply neglecting taking good care of myself–vitamins, resting, eating healthy.

8. What wasted your time?

Too much TV watching in the morning and surfing the Internet.

9. Who did you enjoy spending time (or connecting) with?

My family, friends, writer’s group. Friends old and new connecting on my other blog.

10. What gave you the most peace?

Being able to enjoy the writing process after so many years of not. Knowing my writing is flowing better because I’m in a better place is a relief to me.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Jot down your own answers to as many of these questions as you’d like. Or maybe simply what worked for you and what didn’t work. Write down as much or as little as is helpful to you. It’s important to close out the year, give it the consideration it’s due, and then wave goodbye to 2017.

Next month: Goal setting!

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