Editing services.

Manuscript critique:

Writers receive a written critique along with comments throughout the manuscript as we examine content, structure, and flow. In creative works we take a look at plot, pacing, and characterization to give writers a thorough evaluation of what needs work, as well as what is working, with suggestions for improving the manuscript.

$2.50 per page

(.01 cents per word)


Standard Edit:

Our standard edit corrects punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes, along with improper subject/verb agreement, shifts in tense, passive and weak verb construction, and structural problems. In creative works we also point out character issues, “telling” instead of “showing,” story arc and pacing problems, and any other issues, all while preserving your unique voice.

$3.00 per page

(.012 per word)


Standard Edit with Critique:

It starts with a critique, as described above, to prepare the manuscript for the standard edit. Why do we recommend this first? Because oftentimes parts of the story need to be deleted or scenes expanded to correct character, plot, or pacing issues. Whole sections–even pages–might need changing or deleting before working on the next phase of the process, which is the standard edit. Giving the writer time to make necessary corrections before the standard edit ensures a better finished product.

$4.00 per page

(.016 per word)


Writing Services:

Let us help you craft the perfect query letter, synopsis, back cover blurb, or longer written projects. We work closely with writers until we get the copy just right.

Copywriting $25 per hour

Discount for longer works, inquire for quote.


Flex Edit

We know it’s hard. With so many financial obligations, the idea of having a book-length manuscript edited might seem unaffordable.

So here’s our idea. Send the manuscript to us in smaller chunks. One or two chapters per week or the first fifty pages. Maybe you have to skip a month because funds are tight. No problem! You decide the pace you’d like to work at and the amount of pages to send. The point is to start the process.

Let us help you whip your manuscript into shape in manageable bites. After all, we’re flexible.