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blog graphic-gifts for writers 2017Christmas and Hanukkah are speeding toward us, and with them comes the season of giving. Need gift ideas for the writers in your life? Or want to add to your own wish list? Look no further! Just in time, The Write Helper is back with our annual post of Cool Gifts for Writers.

Wearable Art and Writer Gear

What is the well-dressed writer wearing this season? Books on a t-shirt, of course! Don’t have yours yet? No worries! Out of Print Clothing will hook you up. They have a huge selection of men’s tees, women’s tees, and sweatshirts with your favorite classic book covers, as well as other products.

Catering to the writer’s inner snark, here’s a t-shirt that’s sure to get your message across when you’re trying to work. Or maybe this next shirt, which comes with a warning to those who cross your path, that they might end up on the wrong side of your pen.

Turning to more wearable art, Storiearts once again makes an appearance on the Cool Gifts List. After listening to the audio book of  Anne of Green Gables this year, I’m drawn to their scarf for Anne Shirley lovers. They’ve got more scarves in their collection, should another book catch your fancy. And if you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve–a book lover’s heart, that is–you’ll find the perfect gift in their glove sets. Thanks to my writer bestie Candace who brought them to my attention again this year.

Tools of Our Trade

There are times when you just want to sit on the couch and write somewhere comfy. For those pampered writing sessions, I recommend the Memory Foam Lap Desk with USB Light sold by Sofia+Sam. My writer friend PJ sent this in the mail right before Christmas last year, and I fell in love with it! One of the best things about it is that the desk brings the laptop up higher, which helps me avoid the neck and shoulder problems from hunching over when I write.

Writer’s Digest refers to the Writer Emergency Pack by John August as “Your portable tool for story resuscitation (or simply creativity rejuvenation).” The pack includes twenty-six illustrated idea cards as well as twenty-six cards with tips and suggestions for fixing plot holes and other story problems. Instructions for class and individual use provided. Bring it to critique night and you’re sure to be a hit!

For the organized among us, the Bullet Journaling Starter Set from Goulet Pens is a great idea to keep track of the ever-increasing writer to-do list. Jen from critique group sent this gift idea and said she loves Goulet Pens.

As you’re counting the days until your book launch (or other writerly milestone), why not do it in style with The Book Lover’s Page-A-Day Calendar 2018 from Workman Publishing? Daily a new book description awaits the recipient of this cool gift, with various fiction and nonfiction genres represented. (Definitely going on my Christmas list this year!) Thanks, Deborah, (also from my critique group), for pointing me in this direction!

Home Goods for the Writer

We writers do a great deal of “writing in our heads.” If you’re looking for a great place to rest yours while composing your masterpiece, Storiarts comes to the rescue with a nice selection of book pillow covers. (They sell the pillow inserts, too.)

Need some writerly inspiration for the home office? These dictionary art prints are sure to delight the wordsmith in your life–especially if that wordsmith is you! (Thanks to Candace for recommending these.) I like the “I Cannot Live Without Books” and “Caffeine Cat” (my two great loves on one poster) should any of my fam be paying attention. Should your tastes run in a different direction, Amazon has several pages of dictionary print art to scroll through.

Not one to waste a perfectly good segue, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer a selection of mugs for the writer. After all, we have to have something to contain that all-important morning brew–the fuel our profession runs on! For Poe lovers, I couldn’t pass this cup up. (Pun intended.) Having trouble coming up with that first line? Let this First Lines Literature Coffee Mug be your guide. And, finally, display your writer pride with this Writer Mug from Society6.

Okay, so you’ve got your mug. Only two items remain for the perfect morning beverage routine: tea (for when you’ve had enough coffee, if that’s possible) and an attractive coaster to protect your writing desk from said mug. Start your day with a literary quote right on the tea tag from Novel Teas. And you can set your cup down with confidence on one of the coasters from GetSet2Save’s 5-Pc. Typewriter Coaster Set. (This is really cute!)

Should you need to take your hot beverage on the run, Café Press has many great travel mug choices. My picks? New chapter and this quote from Virginia Woolf: “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” (Thanks, Jen!)

Yes, a Book Pick

Last but not least, what would a writer’s gift guide be without at least one book? Admittedly, this selection isn’t a recommendation as much as it is an “I would like to read this” book. Odd Type Writers: From Joyce and Dickens to Wharton and Welty, the Obsessive Habits and Quirky Techniques of Great Authors by Celia Blue Johnson.

Here at The Write Helper we’ve done our part by giving you some cool gift choices. Now, writers (and the ones who love them), go forth and shop!

What’s on your wish list? Tell us about it in the comments.

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