Announcing Our “Building a Short Story from the Ground Up” Class

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Our New Short Story Writing Class

We’d like to earn our name here at The Write Helper, so we’re excited to announce the first of several classes, starting next week. Lessons will be posted on the blog once a week with a homework assignment.

We’re offering two options for these classes. You can choose the self-guided class, in which case you’ll work through the lessons on your own.

The second option will be for a fee of $47 paid via PayPal, and you will receive feedback for homework assignments, as well as a critique of your final story. (Instructions to follow when the first class is posted.)

Who Will Benefit from This Class?

  • Beginning writers who would like to learn the fundamentals of writing a short story from an award-winning writer and editor.
  • Writers who need a deadline or would like the challenge of writing a short story from scratch.

When Does the Class Start?

The first class will be posted April 10. After that, a new lesson will be posted here on the blog every Tuesday.


Email me at <>.

We hope you will join us next Tuesday, April 10 for lesson 1 of Building a Short Story from the Ground Up!

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