Amy Harke-Moore
Freelance Editor and Writer

I’m Amy Harke-Moore, and I love helping writers develop stories! Every writer has a unique voice and stories to tell, but it’s not easy releasing your baby into the world for others to see. In fact, it can be downright scary!

I understand. I was once the new girl with sweaty palms and voice cracking, reading my fledgling chapter at critique group for the first time. Fortunately my effort was met with encouraging words as well as helpful feedback from other writers.

I’d like to offer you the same. I’ve been editing professionally for fifteen years and writing for twenty, with work appearing in national magazines–The Writer, Grit, and Chicago Quarterly Review as well as other literary journals.

The Write Helper was born in 2006 so that I could help writers realize their dreams of publication. Since then I’ve worked with more than a hundred writers, editing  and critiquing fiction and nonfiction book projects, short stories, magazine articles, essays, collections of poetry, and contest selections. I’ve worked with writers in other countries as well as here at home. I’ve also taught classes at writing workshops on a wide variety of subjects.

I am happy and excited to help you with your project as you follow your dreams of becoming a published writer!