Eight Reasons It’s a Positively Great Time to Be a Writer

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In our current climate we are bombarded daily–hourly, really–with negative news. I’d like to offer a different perspective–at least in the publishing industry. Reasons abound for writers to celebrate the opportunities, technologies, and markets available these days. Here are eight reasons it’s a positively great time to be a writer.

  1. People still like to read. In 2016, sales for print books alone topped 674 million according to Publishers Weekly. Add in e-books and audio books, and it’s obvious there is a healthy market for reading material.
  2. Publishers are buying books, agents are taking new clients, small presses abound. The wheels of the industry continue to turn. Consult the 97th annual Writer’s Market–all 896 pages–if you have any doubts.
  3. An abundance of publishing opportunities exist. Because there are more outlets than ever before, due to online and digital markets, and also new and different genres and subgenres, the playing field is expanding. The traditional route is one pathway, not the only pathway.
  4. Writers can build their own platforms. We live in the days of social media, websites, and email marketing lists. Not so long ago promotions were limited to book signings, postcard mailings, and snail mail newsletters. (Oh my!)
  5. Writers can work from anywhere. The tools of our trade are portable. Have laptop, will travel. Or smart phone or tablet, for that matter. And if you’re old school, there is always a notebook and pen.
  6. Writing tools making the work easier than ever before. Composing, revising, editing with sophisticated word processors makes the writer’s life so much easier. Online dictionaries, writing apps, and programs like Scrivener. As one who learned typing on an electric typewriter, believe me, writing is so much easier than those days! (Correction tape, anyone?)
  7. More avenues for freelance writers. Think copywriting and advertising, ghost writing, resume and business writing, magazine articles, blogging–and, again, more opportunities are available online. Many writers supplement their income by freelancing while simultaneously working on novels.
  8. It’s never too late to write. As a member of my critique group told me, Laura Ingalls Wilder was in her mid-sixties when she penned her first of several books. Upon doing some research, I found a group of UK writers who call themselves The Prime Writers because they’ve had their debut works published after forty. I love it!

So there you have it–eight reasons why it’s a positively great time to be a writer!

Now you have no excuses.


Are you optimistic about today’s opportunities for writers? Tell us about it in the comments.

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