5 Ways to Reclaim Your Writing Time

All too often I’ve heard the complaint from writers (or have said it myself), “I have no time to write!” The following are five ways to reclaim your (my) writing time.

Identify time wasters. Whether it’s Candy Crush or Facebook or checking email too often, figure out what steals your time and replace the culprit with writing.

Make a writing appointment. You make doctor’s appointments and schedule time for haircuts, so why not pencil in some time to write that’s non-negotiable?

Enlist the help of family members and friends. Talk to your loved ones about your need for writing time. Ask them to keep you accountable. You might also delegate some of your responsibilities to them. (You can dream, right?)

Give something up. I once remember a western writer telling a writing crowd that he gave up Monday Night Football to write. That’s dedication!

Set word count goals. Making specific goals is often a practical way to kick-start a writer into making it happen!

Each day that passes without writing time is another missed opportunity toward your ultimate goal of publication. Reclaim your writing time today, writers!

Have you struggled to find time to write? What are your tips for reclaiming your writing time? Leave a comment below.

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