25 Ways to Bring Back Your Writing Mojo

25 Ways to Bring Back Your Writing Mojo

As those long yellow buses begin making an appearance in your neighborhood, it’s time to get serious about writing again.  At The Write Helper we’ve dubbed September as “Get Back to Writing” Month, and to get you started, we’ve included a list of 25 Ways to Bring Back Your Writing Mojo. Try one or two or twenty of these ideas, and you’re sure to be typing away (or penning away) in no time!


Special thanks to The Scribes’ Tribe, my critique group, for coming up with the list.



  1. Join a writer’s group.
  2. Find a place to write that inspires you.
  3. Change up your daily routine. Take another route to work. Eat an early lunch. Try a new restaurant.
  4. Write in longhand.
  5. Take a break. Stand up and stretch. Get something to eat or drink. Walk the dog.
  6. Make an appointment to write.
  7. Write first thing every day.
  8. Do a timed writing session.
  9. Give yourself permission to write crap. Remember, perfect is the enemy of finished.
  10. Read something in your genre that excites you.
  11. Read something in a different genre.
  12. Follow your passion. Concentrate on what you know and what you like.
  13. Watch an inspiring movie.
  14. Then view the director’s commentary to the movie to understand his or her creative process.
  15. Take a walk with a child, and see the world through his or her eyes.
  16. Spend the day using your non-dominate hand–as much as possible.
  17. Write in pencil if you normally write in pen or switch pens for a different tactile experience.
  18. Sit in a public park and observe people. Play the “what if” game, spinning stories about the people you see.
  19. Find an accountability partner. Someone you can check in with who will give you a kick in the pants when needed but can also encourage and motivate you.
  20. Meet other writers for a write-in.
  21. Start a group challenge with your writer friends–so many hours or so many pages. Or maybe a completed short story with a particular theme or genre.
  22. Enter a writing contest. Nothing inspires like a forced deadline.
  23. Carry a small journal to jot down story ideas. Keep it by your bedside to record thoughts from dreamland.
  24. Do something else creative. Paint, make pottery, take up photography. Exercising your creative muscle can spark activity in your writer brain.
  25. Probe the cause of your dry period. Why aren’t you writing? Once you can answer that question, you might discover what is truly holding you back, which is a step away from beginning to write again. (I highly recommend Karen E Peterson’s book 10 Days to Overcome Writer’s Block. Period. for getting at the deeper issues of not being able to write.)

Happy creating in the fall season!

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